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After four empty, unsatisfying months cruising Hollywood's swinging hotspots that were occasionally punctuated by romantic, old-timey bicycle rides by the Malibu shore, superproducer Brian Grazer has taken out a reconciliation notice in Page Six to let the town know that he's officially off the market again:

MOVIE producer Brian Grazer and his novelist wife, Gigi, have called off their separation. Four months ago, the powerful Tinseltown couple filed for legal separation. But this week, the pair officially reunited and are living together in their stunning L.A. home. They'll "second-honeymoon" in New York for two months while the prolific producer shoots the Ridley Scott-directed "American Gangster," starring Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington.

The announcement is a pretty finely crafted, economical piece of public relations work; in a mere four sentences, Grazer's representatives worked in a reference to the opulence of his L.A. property, a plug for his next project, and managed to spin a two-month business trip as some kind of extended romantic getaway, all without Page Six making some kind of untoward remark about the separation. Nicely done, Team Grazer. Send yourselves a fruit basket on the client's tab.

[Photo: officially approved headshot courtesy of Imagine Entertainment]