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More than a few versions of the following e-mail have made their way to our inbox:

My friend's dad works for ConEd - he just called and told her not to ride the subways any more today, as we will likely have a blackout. ConEd is sending all non-essential employees home right now so they can shut down power to their building. From yesterday's heat, Manhattan has 4 feeders out, putting a big strain on the system. He said in his 30 years working there, he's never seen ConEd act like this, especially at 10:30 in the morning. He said not to panic, but not to take a chance if it can be helped - avoid riding the subway if at all possible.

Also, when the friend rode a cab on home? A kindly Arab driver took a liking to her and totally told her not to be near the Empire State Building next Wednesday, because "bad things will happen."