For Project Runway watchers, last night was the moment of truth (spoiler ahead): It was indeed shifty judge-favorite Keith Michael who was pre-emptively ejected from the competition, not for, as eagle-eyed watchers deduced, copying designs in his portfolio, but for the far more brazen offense of keeping fashion how-to books lying around. Tim Gunn got so choked up making the announcement to the remaining contestants the following day, he could only manage a barely coherent sentiment consisting entirely of his own, strung-together catchphrases. ("So carry on, and, as we say, 'make it work.' Where's Andrae? I'm concerned...")

As for this morning's post-mortem interview on The Today Show, like, we're not exactly sure why they chose to illustrate Gunn's insightful commentary by cutting to a photo of several dirty little piglets staring helplessly out from their penned confines. Our wildest dreams, of course, suggest this was actually meant to accompany next week's wrap-up, in which Nina Garcia will offer her frank thoughts on which contestants best executed the slaughtering and skinning of a farm animal of their choice in the "make a handbag and shoes from scratch" challenge.