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There is no rule book on how best to promote a movie like World Trade Center, Oliver Stone's tale of 9/11 redemption that Paramount executives are, you know, quietly hoping brings in shitloads of money. So when it came to the premiere, the studio went the safe and solemn route, opting to dispense with any post-screening festivities:

"World Trade Center" will have its red-carpet premiere tonight at the Ziegfeld Theater, but celebration will be kept to a minimum.

In one striking departure, there will be no gala reception afterward.

That's because the audience will include not just the film's stars and handlers, but also survivors of the terror attacks and others shattered by the loss of loved ones.

"It seemed inappropriate to do something festive," said Michael Shamberg, one of the film's producers.

"While the film celebrates the best in people, the night will be low-key," he added.

So low-key in fact, that Paramount has taken explicit steps to make their audience feel as if there was nothing celebratory about the evening at all: For example, all attendees, including the victim's families, will be approached and asked to contribute the $11.75 it would have cost them to see the movie in a theater, 50% of which the studio will selflessly donate to an 9/11-appropriate charity.