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Jared Kushner, the 25-year-old real estate scion who just purchased the Observer for $10 million, isn't putting his property lust aside for the sake of the sassy salmon paper; the Sun reports today that Kushner and his siblings are planning on purchasing 22 residential buildings north of 96th Street. Kushner wouldn't reveal specifics, but looking at his business dealings in Somerville, Massachusetts, we're guessing that the buildings are "very neglected" and ripe for Kushner's renovations. Not that we have any idea, but if any of the buildings are residential and not rentals, one might safely assume that Kushner will put his money into flipping the properties and selling some nice new Harlem condos. Should that be the case, a 25-year-old kid ruthlessly pushing out the locals could be the perfect Observer story.

Kushner Quietly Raising His Stake in Manhattan [NY Sun]