A correction in today's Times notes that "the Advertising column in Business Day yesterday, about videos to promote books, misstated the given name of an illustrator in a quotation by Suzanne Murphy of Scholastic, who discussed a video Scholastic was making for the artist's first pop-up book. She said, 'Maurice Sendak is already legendary,' not 'Maury.'"

We tend to be hard on the Times when it errs, but this is a pretty easy mistake to make, seeing as Maury Povich is also a legendary writer of children's books. In the spirit of nostalgia on a hot Friday, we present you one of his classics, after the jump.

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One was Johnny who lived by himself
Two was a midget who jumped on the shelf
Three was a teen with too many dramas
Four was a playa with six babymamas
Five was tranny (female-to-male)
Six was a child who'd been born with a tail
Seven, a Nazi, punched poor Johnny's nose

Eight was a baby who weighed sixty pounds
Nine was a husband who beat his wife black and blue
Ten was a puzzle, what should Johnny do?

He stood on a chair and said,
"He're what I'll do
I'll start to count backwards, and when I am through
If this house isn't empty Connie Chung will sing for you."

Nine was the husband who fled looking pale
Eight was the baby who left with the scale
Seven the Nazi went over to Skokie
Six was the child, whose tail was pokey
Five was the tranny who crawled home to bed
Four was the playa, who promised he would wed

Three was the teen, whom boot camp had helped
Two was the midget who fell down and yelped
And one was Johnny
Who lived by himself
And liked it like that.