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We have bad news and good news. First, the bad: The Bengali design firm to which Gawker Media outsources the production of all of its fine t-shirts is, improbably, staffed only by fundamentalist Catholics who absolutely refuse to whip us up any Mel Gibson "What do you think you're looking at, Sugar Tits?" product. We are loathe to interfere with their religious beliefs, so you'll have to look elsewhere for garments bearing that slogan.

The good news: The Gawker Shop has just slashed—slashed!—20% from the already absurdly low prices of its in-stock t-shirts, allowing you to obtain the classic An Agent Ate My Baby tee, or any of our other selections from our fine semi-topical, highly fashionable inventory, for a mere US$16—less than the price of a caramel macchiato at Starbucks with a twenty-dollar bill submerged in its murky, caffeinated depths. Buy now.