This morning's revelation The Kushner Kids all have a piece of the pink paper lead us to wonder about the other members of what's turning out to be the Wayans family of New York media. Do they have any proficiency with the press? Will they change the tone of the periodical?

As it turns out, there is some previous print experience. The youngest of the brood, 21-year-old Josh, pictured here with friend, has served as executive editor of Scene, a magazine about Harvard. What kind of publication might that be?

Inside the magazine, there are 64 glossy color pages, six ads, and a sprawling, 12-page fashion spread. One article is titled "Not Quite Currier: The Living Space of Nathan Gunawan." It's a photo essay of sorts, depicting a boy who lives in Boston's Ritz Carlton. "Most Harvard students go home to deteriorating buildings, marginal heating, and oftentimes haywire plumbing," the intro text reads. "The Phoenix Club's Nathan Gunawan drives home to his pad in none other than Boston's Ritz Carlton."

Need proof? There are pictures. Eight of them. One of his Gothic library. One of his Chinese daybed. One of Gunawan posing thoughtfully by his bar. Never mind how devastatingly lonely he looks—the tone is set.

Phew! Looks like the Observer's Douchebag of the Week column is safe!

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