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In this week's summery episode: Nicole Kidman; James Woods; Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and David Arquette; Clint Eastwood; Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso; Adam Sandler, Jackie Titone and Kelly Lynch; Ricky Martin; Christian Bale, Halle Berry and Josh Hartnett; Hilary Swank; Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton; Stewart Townsend and Anthony Bourdain; Steve Carell and Nancy Walls; Famke Janssen, Bill Clinton and Steve Bing; Keanu Reeves; Johnny Knoxville; Diana Ross; Matthew Fox; Michelle Rodriguez, Josh Radnor, Jason Segal and Leslie Grossman; The Wayans Brothers; Sam Rockwell, Matthew Lillard, Paul McCrane and Judy Greer; Andy Roddick, Mandy Moore and William Shatner; Naveen Andrews; Steven Segal; Nicky Hilton; Hank Azaria; Bill Maher; Jon Voight; Camryn Manheim; Marcia Cross; Dermot Mulroney; Jules Asner; George Takei; MC Hammer; Bob Saget; Chyna Doll and Patti Davis.

· I saw Nicole Kidman on Robertson and Chalmers in Beverly Hills on August 1st, in the morning walking her dogs. Also, I saw James Woods on Wilshire in a white Infinity.

· Tonight 8/2 at Cut: vince vaughn with jen aniston, courtney cox and david arquette eating all together. vince and jen were clearly a couple. They went outside just the two of them with his arm around her for a minute to smoke a cigarette during dinner. David Arquette looked somewhat normal. Jennifer Aniston looked amazing and Courtney looked a bit plain. They also had their baby Coco with them!

· 7/31 Monday evening 9:45pm. Clint Eastwood carrying two bags of groceries through the parking lot of Whole Foods in Brentwood on San Vicente. Polo shit and nondescript slacks. Looked like your average older guy with the exception of the demonstrative veins and visage.

· West Hollywood. Saturday, 7/29 at 2:30pm. Just exhanged a nod and wave with Matt Damon who was his wife (Luciana Barroso) and baby daughter crossing the street at Kings Road and Santa Monica in WeHo. I was temporarily blocking the crosswalk as I was turning right and reversed to let them pass even before I noticed that it was him. He wore jeans and a dark short sleeved shirt with dark sunglasses. He was very careful, holding his wife and guiding her across while shielding the child with his body from any impending danger from traffic. He waved, nodded, and mouthed thank you to me to acknowledge that he recognized and appreciated the effort/gesture of my backing up. But with 5 darling nieces—especiallly Jordan and Parker—I certainly would have done the same for anyone crossing with a young child!

· 7/28, Arclight, never seen it so crowded. Everyone there to see MIAMI VICE. While waiting in extremely long popcorn line and marveling at the sheer volume of humans streaming past us, I thought to myself, Self, if you do not see a celebrity here tonight, you are just not looking hard enough. And lo, the heavens smiled and there was beautiful Kelly Lynch strolling on by. Afterwards, as we convened with friends in the lobby to discuss whether or not Colin Farrell was supposed to have an occasionally Southern accent in the movie — maybe it was part of his "undercover" work — or if the producers had simply failed to hire a dialogue coach for him and just let him wing it instead, we saw Adam Sandler and wife Jackie Titone in line to buy tickets. They were having a long conversation with the guy at the ticket desk. We speculated that they were probably seeing CLICK. Not to gush, but she is really beautiful. Sandler was wearing a Penn State tee and was very nice to the ticket guy.

7/29, Le Pain Quotidien on Little Santa Monica, Ricky Martin and an entourage that included (we speculated) several family members including his mom, cheerfully obliging a fellow customer who asked Ricky to pose for a picture with his infant twins. Someday those kids will grow up and mom and dad will show them the picture of themselves as infants posing with Ricky Martin, and they will be like, mom and dad, you are dorks, but maybe they will secretly appreciate the effort. Ricky is tall and gorgeous and appears to have a tattoo of Hebrew text circling his upper arm. Waitress was starstruck. I'll admit it: so was I.

· Was in L.A. over the weekend and the only so-called "star" I saw was Adam Sandler (is he still A-list after "Click?") at the Coffee Bean next to Tower Records on Sunset, Saturday, July 29 a.m. in a white t-shirt and shorts looking like an average Joe. He and the young guy he was with (also average) sat right next to me, and I overheard their entire (boring) conversation in which Adam gave the young guy pointers on stand up. As they were leaving, a gaggle of teenage girls came over, shrieking as only teenage girls can, and Adam introduced the young guy as his cousin from Kansas, which made sense - here I thought he was giving all that advice gratuitously — silly me. Adam seemed nice enough and let the girls take pictures with him before driving off in his black caddie. The girls seemed thrilled; I, on the other had, was nonplussed.

· Was dining at Ristorante Giorgio Baldi on 7/30 and caught a celebrity hat trick...Christian Bale and his wife having a quiet meal in a corner booth. They both had beer. Also saw Halle Berry and Josh Hartnett (not dining together).

· It was today 8/1 at 9:30 am, I was walking down Santa Monica Blvd at 2nd street heading toward the ocean. When who should be run walking into the Equinox Gym? None other than two time Oscar Winner Hilary Swank. She was wearing a green lycra top and black lycra bottoms, all skin tight. SCHWING! She looks good in person. No make-up, just all big lipped and big boobied! Great sighting on an otherwise uneventful morning.

· 7/28 - Friday night on my way to see Little Miss Sunshine at Century City saw the star of the movie Steve Carell and his funny wife Nancy Walls walking out of Ben & Jerry's with ice cream cones. So cute. Looked like a date night. You know what's hardly ever mentioned? How good looking this guy is! Seriously. Not Brad Pitt hot. But real guy handsome - not to mention talented and humble - which is so much more attractive. Can't wait for Evan Almighty. Shortly after saw Tom Arnold inside the theater with a gaggle of young women which (sorry, Tom) wasn't quite as thrilling.

· 8/25: karaoke tuesdays at guys... Lindsay Lohan walking through the annoying crowded bathroom corridor/gauntlet. it was almost 2am and she didn't look mightly healthy, as if she may have been on the brink of contracting heat exhaustion or something. Mr andy milonakis was there too, adorable as ever. nicole richie was there the week before singing, ironically, 'baby got back.'

· Saw Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton at Century City on 7/31. Saw him before her and wondered why he was with another girl until I realized it was Lindsay, she was completely unnoticable.

· Dateline Wednesday, August 3rd: I have a friend in from out of town. England in fact. She desperately wanted to see a celebrity. So I take her to the most reliable celebrity viewing locale in LA: The
Chateau Marmont. We see Stewart Townsend, but my friend had no idea who he is (true, he's really only famous for dating Charlize Theron). Then we see Anthony Bourdain, but she has no idea who he is (I explained he's the American Jamie Oliver). But then? Our prayers are answered. In strolls LINDSAY LOHAN! With a girly entourage (read: a handful of gal pals neither as young nor as pretty as La Lohan); one of whom proceeds straight to the bar and buys Lindsay a glass of wine. Lindsay also had some sort of iced tea, as a "cover", obviously. Lindsay is currently sporting a 'do of orangey blonde hair I wasn't fond of but my British friend and another friend with us thought was acceptable. She wasn't as skinny as I feared but still bony, wearing this pouffy shirt (SEINFELD would be horrified), and either shorts or a very short skirt. I couldn't tell because I was sadly facing AWAY from her and my companions wouldn't let me turn around and gawk. But at one point she passed my line of vision when she went to "visit" with two super skeezoid guys who might have been record producer types...or drug dealers. Mostly I was told Lindsey sat, chain smoked, drank her wine, and texted on her Sidekick. Seriously, who is she texting? Jim Robinson? Needless to say, my British friend was THRILLED, all her friends at home will be jealous of her A++ sighting.

· July 27, the day "The Letter" hit the internets, our heroine Lindsay Lohan partying on through the public shaming by hitting Hyde around midnight. Stumbles in on the arm of hot BF Harry Morton, sits, drinks, goes to smoking patio, smokes, drinks, drinks some of someone else's drink, stumbles out. She looked cute in shorts and not totally wasted (meaning no fleshkini photo shoot-style antics), no extended bathroom breaks, nothing remarkable. Just pure, unadulterated L.Lo at her boozed up best. Dina must be so proud!

· Saw Famke Janssen today at a political event. She was wearing a pretty green dress and black sunglasses on her head. Was with her boyfriend and another girl. She got to cut in front of the security line but still was wanded by the Secret Service. Bill Clinton and Steve Bing were there too. Maybe I should be sending this to Wonkette instead???

· I never see ANYONE good hiking at Runyan even though I read endless accounts on Defamer claiming it's the who's who of celeb sightings. But yesterday, my unlucky streak was broken. We not only saw but briefly mingled FAMKE JANSEN. She is ge-or-geous in real life. Tall and beautiful, with perfect skin and hair. She had a Boston Terrier, and we had one with our group, so the dogs mingled and Famke actually
smiled at us. She hiked with an umbrella to keep out the sun - cute touch.

· The very hot looking Keanu Reeves at the Ilcono - Gelato store on Little Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills -Monday, July 31st at 3:20 pm- with a nice looking brunette - looked more business than personal. He was very charming and gracious to three teens who were obviously thrilled to meet him. He got up from he table to shake their hands. Very much the gentleman. Major points to him for being so sweet. He clearly made their day. He had a beard, no, not the girl!, Well...maybe. Was wearing a tweed jacket over jeans. Don't understand the jacket since it was over 90 degrees. Nevertheless, he looked very cute and quite tall. DJLA

· Wed. 8/2: At the White Horse on Western, saw Mr. Johnny Knoxville. I think I was having deja vu from a previously read sighting, cuz does this sound familiar: fairly unassuming (the bar was sparse), tho dude has a loud laugh, hanging with two blondes, and spent time happily plugging tunes into the jukebox. And ten times more exciting than the celebrity sighting were the free hot dogs!!

· Friday, 7/28, 1pm. At Pico Restaurant at Shutters at the Beach in Santa Monica. We were having lunch, when my co-worker leaned over to me and pointed out a lady at the entrance who was wearing big sunglasses. He jokingly said, "Hey, it's Diana Ross!" We all laughed a little. Then she walked by our table with her companion. Turns out it really WAS Diana Ross. I guess we sometimes forget that in L.A., that when you think someone looks like a celebrity, there's a good chance it is a celebrity. I had to leave the lunch early, but my dining companions said that as Ms. Ross was leaving, she got her sunglasses caught in her weave before she could finally get them on.

· Thursday, around 6ish, walked down Robertson and saw Matthew Fox, buzz cut and all, having an intense cell phone conversation on the sidewalk just down from the Ivy. He looked pretty damn good.

· At Dominick's friday night the 28th it was a veritable feast of television stars. Josh Radnor and Jason Segal, co-stars on "How I Met Your Mother" having an intense conversation on the side patio. Jason may have smoked 3 packs of cigarettes in under an hour. Just feet away was former "Lost" castaway Michelle Rodriguez sitting, oddly enough, totally alone at 10pm on a Friday night. Appeared to be reading scripts and journaling. The trifecta was complete with WB Queen Leslie Grossman, star of "Popular" and "What I Like About You" getting rowdy on the back patio with what appeared to be a bachelorette party. All I know is someone at her table was wearing some sort of Penis-thru-the-head joke hat. I just calls 'em like I sees 'em people.

· feeling a bit bloated as i left loteria grill at the farmer's market after a great burrito so I almost missed ALL THREE WAYANSES! as they walked past me. Marlon, Keenen and tito [ed. Note: Shawn or Damon] were debating something and walking pretty fast. i think their production office is in the gilmore building, so makes sense they'd be lunching in the hood.

· Last night (Aug 1) at Village Pizzeria on Larchmont, a virtual cavalcade of quirky supporting players strolled in within a span of 5 minutes. First up: Sam Rockwell, wearing giant Maverick style aviation shades; then Freddie Prinze accessory Matthew Lillard; followed immediately by Paul McCrane of ER and Fame; and lastly, quirky character actress Judy Greer, walking with a dog which was so huge it may have technically qualified as a pony.

· At Andy Roddick's tennis match on July 26 at UCLA who did I see in the crowd but his ex girlfriend, none other than Mandy Moore. She was accompanied by an unidentified male friend and, I might add, clapped wholeheartedly whenever Andy made a good shot. She left with her friend about five minutes before the match ended, rushing up the stairs and out of sight.

P.S. William Shatner was also there in the crowd.

· I was on a United flight from JFk to LAX last Thursday afternoon and we had to pass through first class to get to the cheap seats.

Standing there in the third row preening was none other than Sayid aka Naveen Andrews. He was with one of his little bastards (teenage boy about 13) and was focused on watching the ladies pass by and on posing. He looked desperate for attention but my friend and I ignored him.

Actually heard him singing as we got closer.

Also worth mentioning, he was tiny - both height and weight; so much so that from behind, he looks girlish.

· My parents were staying in Santa Monica over the weekend and staying at the Sheraton on 4th and Pico. As I'm waiting for the Valet to bring my car up I notice a squat tan looking guy in front of me sporting a nasty looking jet black pony tail helping his wife or girl friend get into his shitty little RAV4 (the Gremlin of modern SUVs) as he turns towards me I quickly realize who it is: Marked For Death's own Steven Segal. The ever present hawk's feather earing being the major give away. Glancing between the crappy car and Mr. Segal I had to hold back my laughter, guess his energy drinks weren't quite as successful as he'd hoped!

· 8/2 - Driving by the Ivy Wednesday night when a Range Rover pulls out behind me. Odds are it must be someone and it is. Sitting in the passenger seat cigarette in mouth is Nicky Hilton. She's being driven by a smallish person wearing glasses. Couldn't tell if it was boyfriend Kevin Connolly.

· 7/29 about noon, Hank Azaria piloting his gunmetal Aston Martin convertible headed East on Beverly past the Beverly Center, top-down, chatting on the phone (with a handset- how last century) and driving about three miles per hour. Don't know if it was concentration issues or not wanting to mess up his perfectly gelled A-Gay 'do. Whatever it was, when you are dusted by a 10 year old Civic with the sewing machine engine, it's time to hang up and drive. Or switch cars.

· I saw bill maher and this atrocious mess of a whore at Il Cielo tonight (8/29). He possibly had just picked her up off santa monica blvd or wherever it is the black whores hang out these days. Also he's terribly pale. It seemed like they were having some trouble getting a table.

· Saw Jon Voight today (Sunday, 07/30) around 4:30 at the Getty Center museum. He was taking the audio tour with a younger, dark-haired woman, and is definitely looking worse for wear. Poor guy is really looking his age.

· Both Sunday July 30:
Saw Camryn Manheim at Santa Monica Farmer's Mkt.
Saw Marcia Cross at Trader Joe's on Pico.

· Dermot Mulroney at Father's Office:

I was sitting at the bar in Father's Office on Montana last Saturday after 11pm and up steps a dandy guy in a black Fedora hat, Mr Dermot Mulroney. I didn't notice him at first, only his date who was this really plain, annoyingly long-faced girl in a seafoam green cable-knit [cashmere] cardigan. She was just so "on" and smiley but didn't have the stuff so I just thought will she ever shut up. Anyway I guess it was because of Dermot because he was so on and smiley but more at the whole room, and even flashed a flirtatious smile at me. He was short in person (5'10"?), very charming and sexy and young in this boyish manner, Mr. Ready to Play. So anyway he was hot but it was dark in there and I'm a beer fanatic and know that the beer he ordered was not an exotic Belgian but a Sierra Nevada or the likes thereof.

· Well, it's not the greatest sighting in the world but while at the check-out at Long's Drugs in Studio City (a celebrity treasure trove) who should come strolling in but Jules Asner. Very tall and very ordinary looking. No makeup, unwashed hair. I'm thinking: PREGNANCY TEST! But I can't confirm. Isn't it about time she and The Soderbergh had offspring? Last time I saw her she was gliding down the Sunset Strip with hubby and they were in a black Merc. So I dutifully scanned the parking lot and sure enough, amid the beater cars and SUVs was a sleek, black Merc. She's definitely not a natural beauty, but cleans up pretty well. Another poor celebrity pinned by the gaze of an otherwise invisible Defamer operative.

· saturday morning, larchmont village — none other than George "Mr. Sulu" Takei dining with a male companion. shouldn't he be worn out from comic-con?

· Wednesday 8/2: After the hilarity at Upright Citizens Brigade, my girlfriend and I decided to go to the Mel's diner on Sunset. Just as I was telling her how absolutely un-hip Mel's is, she tells me to walk to the bathroom and tell her who I see. I did so and saw none other than MC Hammer with two loud friends. Needless to say, upon my return to the table, I continued my tirade about how un-hip Mel's is.

· Last night (Thursday) at the Stone Rose Lounge at the Sofitel, LA's newest C-list celebrity clusterfuck, saw Bob Saget, not as skeezy as you would think, but still dressed way too young for his age, canoodling with a young blond thing on one of the red velvet recliners. Supposedly Steve Urkel was there, too, although he escaped my detection. Perhaps it was a "TGIF" reunion?

· 7/27, Thursday Evening, Burbank, Burbank Bar & Grill... Karaoke night, Was treated to a very ironic rendition of Hole's "Doll Parts" by the woman they call Chyna Doll. Her breasts looked to be larger than my head and her lips like two burnt hot dogs smeared with gloss. She also kept dancing the whole during other people's attempts at singing although no one else was dancing occasionally someone would dance with her.

· Stood behind Patti Davis (daughter of Nancy and Ronald Regan) at the Pure Beauty on Wilshire and Barrington. Before I realized who it was, I was wondering who this annoying rich white lady thought she was. She was asking the sales clerk if the mask packets she was buying would bleach her skin, at which point, the sales clerk (who I don't think knew who she was) burst into laughter. Actually, she was nicer than I thought she would be, and not as annoying as I initially presumed.