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In an interview with E! Online's "Watch With" Kristin, distressingly skeletal, hyperverbal TV physician Ellen Pompeo denies our operative's recent report that she ordered a "big fat plate of nothing" at Hollywood gourmet burger joint Lucky Devils and sat by patiently as her dining companions filled their stomachs. According to Pompeo, the non-eating situation our spy observed was caused by a neglectful waitstaff's failure to deliver in a timely fashion the decadent, 1200-calorie meal that her incredibly accelerated metabolism would instantly and harmlessly absorb. From the transcript of Kristin's conversation with Pompeo about the heartache of having one's every unfortunate, involuntary food abstinence observed by nosy civilians with e-mail accounts:

K[risten, Watch With]: Being under that kind of microscope must get really exhausting.

E[llen Pompeo]: oh my god! I went into Lucky Devils. Have you ever been to lucky devil?

K: Um, yes, and I'm obsessed with it now. It's the most gluttonous food ever.

E: So Lucky Devils, I went there the other day with my boyfriend and this other couple and, the service in there is awful, I don't know if you've have any bad but I've been going there for the past three months I guess I discovered it. The service is terrible so my food took forever to get there but the three of them go their food first and I didn't want to drink all my shake waiting for my food because then I would be full and wouldn't eat my food. So what do you think ends up in

K: Ohhhh

E: That I didn't eat.

K: And you're like, 'I'm in freaking Lucky Devils!'

E: And that's why you order a shake because you just want to look at it. I mean it's just like, listen: I'm the first one to say, I know I'm devastatingly thin. I know I am! But there's so nothing I can do, like except just go to Lucky Devils, which doesn't do a thing!

We haven't been able to contact the operative who originally filed the report to see if Pompeo's explanation holds up, but we bet that the "terrible" waiters at Lucky Devils will make sure that the next time she drops by, they'll deliver her Things We Found In The Rubber Mat Behind The Counter Mashed Into A Slab Of Kobe Beef Burger with a renewed commitment to prompt service.

UPDATE: Our operative responds to Pompeo's denial.