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Because self-described "devastatingly thin" actress Ellen Pompeo can't possibly be trusted as a credible authority on what she may or may not have consumed on that fateful day she ordered a Big Fat Plate Of Nothing at Lucky Devils, we contacted the operative who originally reported on the alleged non-eating incident for his response to Pompeo's public denial of his careful observation of her dining habits. Says the Defamer Special Correspondent on Suspicious Celebrity Burger Consumption:

I stand by my report. I was at Lucky Devils for over an hour and there was absolutely no problem with the service. I even had time to make a 10:15 movie at the ArcLight afterwards. If Ellen had a problem with the service, she certainly didn't look it. If I was in a situation where all three of my friends got their food, but not me, I would be kind of upset. And so would my friends. I might even raise a complaint with the wait staff. This was not the case at Ellen's table. Everyone was laughing, joking, and eating while Ellen sat there with her B.F.P.O.N. (big fat plate of nothing). And just for the record, in her E! interview, Ellen claims she ordered food, but she never says anything about actually eating it. That's where we agree. In the whole time I was there, I saw nothing more than a few swallows of her boyfriend's milkshake go down her throat. Not that there's anything wrong with that. As I said, she looked hot.

We suppose that both our nosy diner and Pompeo will have to agree to disagree, but our operative makes an excellent point: In the interview, she doesn't say that she eventually ate the burger. Perhaps she'd find that she'd slowly become less devastatingly thin if she'd actually eat the food when it's finally served. It seems like a simple concept, but it's not like cheeseburgers come with instructions reminding actresses of this crucial, final step of the casual dining process.