Well, the polls have closed in the inaugural Great Moments in Journalism contest, and the award goes to Dan Barry of The New York Times. Dan, whose "time flies, also babies" bit picked up over two hundred of your votes, will receive a copy of Joseph Mitchell's Up in the Old Hotel, a primer on how to write About New York. Congratulations to Mr. Barry and all the other nominees. After the jump, we bring you this week's first entry.

Picking on an alternative weekly for practicing sloppy journalism is a bit like mocking a one-legged man for moving slowly: You don't want to do it unless you're with a bunch of friends who feel the same way. In any event, enough of you have written in quoting the lead to the Press' recent stunner concerning the ability of New Yorkers to get pot delivered to their homes that we felt it deserved the first slot of the week. You can continue to nominate your favorites here.

Anyway, Sushil Cheema's "Weed on Wheels" needs little introduction, so we're going to jump right into it, much like Sushil Cheema.

Looking dapper in dark slacks and a powder blue oxford shirt, 31-year-old Ricky (names have been changed) approaches the bar and drapes his suit jacket and messenger bag over the back of a bar stool. He greets the bartender and orders a Stella. Here he is relaxed and comfortable—just another young professional having a drink after work. During the day he works at a large media company. Some nights he goes out to bars. He calls this particular one his watering hole and spends countless evenings here with friends, playing pool and chatting. Other nights it's dinner with fine wine. And once in awhile it's time at home, complete with delivery. But delivery is not just Chinese food.

Please note that we did not emphasize the last line, but we totally could have.

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