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"I've been anally raped over and over by the media."

Something rapey in the air this morning, apparently. That's Girls Gone Wild main man Joe Francis, bemoaning the treatment he gets as a public figure (as opposed to the private treatment, which actually was simulated self-sodomy). We're sure our west-coast cousin will be all over the profile of Francis in this weekend's Los Angeles Times, as it begins with a touching scene of Francis physically assaulting the (female) reporter who's writing about him outside a Chicago club. Strange how there's no mention of this in Page Six this morning; something to do with Francis throwing a bachelor party for editor Richard Johnson last March? Surely not. The LAT article also runs some throwaway cultural analysis about Francis, his company, what he means, etc., but his antics in this one piece alone have bought him a whole new fresh round of media abuse, anal and otherwise. Roll camera!

'Baby, Give Me a Kiss' [LAT]

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