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Your Pinot Gris is so last week: according to the Sunday Styles, rosé is the new hotness,* being stylishly sipped by everyone from Russell Simmons to Jay McInerney to beloved Misshapes Leotard Fantastic and the Other Guy (at right). West Village gastropub the Spotted Pig is touted as carrying five rosés on its wine list, and owner Ken Friedman says, "Ros has replaced prosecco and cosmos as the new chick drink." (We totally missed that prosecco thing.) And if it's good enough for Carrie Bradshaw, it's good enough for every other misguided soul hoping to achieve such an intangible level of chic.

More from the Pig:

At the Spotted Pig the most requested label, Mr. Friedman said, is Domaines Ott, which has become the trendsetter's rosé of choice since it was bought by Champagne Louis Roederer, the maker of Cristal Champagne, two years ago.

Considering avid Cristal-boycotter Jay-Z is an investor in the Spotted Pig, those desperate to join this impossibly fashionable bandwagon might be wise to get the Ott while they still can. Run, don't walk!

The Summer Drink to Be Seen With [NYT]
*This does not excuse your embarrassing penchant for Franzia white zin, but if you hide the box, you might escape public scorn.