Earnest: The New Slick

"There are only two kinds of cases I won't take. I won't take a pedophile I believe to be guilty and I won't take a terrorist."
Women's Wear Daily talks to Joseph Tacopina , esteemed defense counsel to folks like alleged shakedowner Jared Paul Stern and beleaguered teen paramour Diana Bianchi , not to mention Michael Jackson's manager and Aruban murder suspect Joran van der Sloot. Tacopina is almost militantly bland in comparison to his flamboyant client base, and that's his specialty — adroit, aggressive, tabloid-friendly PR manipulation largely (and disappointingly) devoid of sleaze. He's "earnest," you see, as opposed to "slick." And as long as you're not a (guilty) pedophile or terrorist, he'll be more than happy to represent you, Mr. Epstein .

The Devils' Advocate [WWD, sub req'd]