If you were overtaxed by reading the Times Real Estate section's groundbreaking piece on bad smells this weekend you might have missed the story of Tony LeRoy, a psychic (or, as he prefers, "intuitive counselor") :

Mr. LeRoy was at his job handling viewers' calls at a televised psychic show, no longer on the air, when a woman called. She said that her boyfriend wanted to move in with her but that she wasn't sure it was the right thing to do. Mr. LeRoy immediately intuited the boyfriend's motives.

"I said: 'Wow, you have inexpensive rent, don't you? That's the reason he wants to move in,' " Mr. LeRoy recounted.

Shocked at his perspicacity, the woman said, "Yes, it's rent-controlled. I've been suspecting that's what he wanted all along."

Yeah, the guy's definitely got the shining alright. Apparently he also intuited that David Gest and Liza Minelli's marriage might be troubled and that riders on the L train would experience frequent delays. If only he had gotten to Eric Wilson before that whole shorts-wearing debacle; the entire tragedy could have been averted.

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