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• Martha Stewart has settled her civil suit with the SEC for insider trading, forced to pony up only $195K (insignificant pennies to her). Much more bruising is the other part of the agreement, which bars her from serving as CEO or senior official at any publicly-held company for the next 5 years. Including her own Martha Stewart Omnimedia. Nothing in the settlement forbidding a puppet regime... [NYT]
• After all that silly Cocaine Kate crap, model Kate Moss is bigger than ever. See, children? Drugs are good. [Made in Brazil]
The Economist lurves Fall Out Boy. [FoM]
• Menace II...the Poconos? [AP]
• Calling all Lee Majors fans: unite in the quest to see The Fall Guy on DVD. [Jalopnik]
• We fail to see how a printable map of the celebrity whereabouts is any less life-threatening than our silly map. [NYM]
• Greg Gutfeld on fear. Lots and lots of fear. [HuffPo]
• Blue States Lose, but the European Union loses with a certain je ne sais quoi. [Logged Hours]
• Conde Nast to launch a website called Flip, aimed at "fuelling teenagers' ambition," so that said youth may someday go on to become ruthless, backstabbing Conde assistants. [AdAge]
• Paris Hilton claims that she is going celibate. If a celebutwat shuts her legs when no one's around, does she make a sound? [AP]