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From Publisher's Marketplace comes word that Radar "consultant" and super-secret project-monger Remy Stern has snared himself a few months' rent:

Journalist Remy Stern's FOUR EASY PAYMENTS, exploring the kooky characters and oddly successful tactics that have made the seamy world of infomercials an American cultural touchstone, to Ethan Friedman at Collins, by Daniel Lazar at Writers House (world).

A sincere congrats to Stern who, unlike most lucky bastards, deserves the good fortune. But, do tell, how good is the fortune? Ar we talking "nice" or "good" or "significant?" Because while the initial success is all well and good, none of it matters if bitches aren't aware of how much you're worth. If we don't know what sort of money we're dealing with, we've no clue how to talk to you at a party. Awk-ward!