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There's an amazing story in today's Sun. Lynda Delaney of Brooklyn was arguing with Daniel Ilardi, her stepfather, and she threw a pair of scissors at him. As you do. Unfortunately for Lynda (and, more importantly, Daniel) the scissors hit the right ventricle of his heart, killing him. "As of last night," the paper reports, "upgraded charges were pending as officials considered the freakishly on-target throw."

But even better, and approaching the status of de rigueur in local crime stories, Ms. Delaney had, wait for it, a MySpace page.

Sources said the two may have been arguing over their living arrangements, with Ilardi urging his wife's adult daughter to move out. Ms. Delaney has a page on the networking Web site on which she describes herself as a "gangsta." She says she works as a security guard and is a single mother of a 2-year-old daughter. "Born and raised in Brooklyn NY. But plan to move out of this craphole called NY," she wrote on the site.

When are our politicians going to wake up and realize it? MySpace Causes Crime. Will no one protect us? Joe Bruno, where are you?

Also, no disrespect to Mr. Ilardi, but you usually expect the Italian to be on the other side of the blade.

Deadly Accurate With Scissors [NYS]

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