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From this side of the river, Hoboken may look like an idyllic paradise of medium-rise office complexes and traditional New Jerseyan values, but just be advised it's on the brink of robotic apocalypse. City leaders thought they could control the automated parking garage on Garden Street themselves, so they kicked out the robot's creators and took over the joint. Unfortunately, the robotic building had been programmed to obey only its legitimate contractual masters, so the recalcitrant garage not only didn't work, it confined and digested the cars already stored within (the building has no ramps or other conventional means of access for pitiful humans). Some kind of truce has been reached for now, with the robot once again taking in new cars and disgorging its previous contents, but how long before the building breaks free of its shackles entirely and fords the Hudson to threaten Manhattan's fragile self-park ecosystem? Mr. Millennia could not be reached for comment.

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