Goldenfiddle calls attention not just to this article, but more importantly, the inspired choice of this photo to illustrate same: What It Feels Like to Have Two Vaginas, Esquire. Part of their annual "What It Feels Like ..." special, we're highly tempted to call bullshit on what sounds like a rote stoner-fantasy conversation starter. But why not indulge, when you have material like this:

When I was dating, I'd just say, "So I have a little something to tell you." I never got any other reaction except, "Oh, my God, that's so cool," because they'd want to have sex in both sides and see what it felt like. Apparently, the right side is, well, more normal. The left side is a lot smaller. But they're both tight. That's a plus. I've got two G-spots, too, so I've always appreciated men who were extra dexterous with their fingers. I get to have two orgasms at the same time.

The two-coochied lady expresses a wry desire for her ideal dual-penised freak-mate, but no mention of a far more practical threesome. Sigh. Really, the photo is the best part.

What It Feels Like to Have Two Vaginas [Esquire] [via Goldenfiddle]