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TechCrunch, the popular tech blog and clearinghouse for dot-com news, today runs a 24-minute documentary on Web 2.0. TechCrunch publisher Michael Arrington says Scott Milener had the idea. Milener, the CEO of a search startup called Browster, also speaks in the video.

"So Web two-oh is not a bubble," says Milener. "Web one-oh clearly was, I think we've learned from that."

Milener "learned from that" by spending $51 million of capital as the senior director of business development at eVoice. According to Philip Kaplan's book F'd Companies, eVoice ran a web-based voicemail service. When eVoice started charging, customers fled, and eVoice shut down in 2001 (then sold everything to AOL).


So should anyone trust a dot-com opportunist like Milener with his own company? Sure, as long as it's an itty bitty one, right?

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