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The Palm Beach Post reports today that billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein, who has been accused of receiving "sex-tinged" massages and facilitating lesbian sex for underage girls, has assembled a team to fight the media with a defense that pretty much consists of "the girls are liars." Really? Is that the best you could come up with? What sort of retainer does one have to pay for that sort of originality?

The good folk at Dealbreaker do a nice job dissecting the facts:

In Epstein's army: attorneys Jack Goldberger, Alan Dershowitz and Roy Black. New York publicist Dan Klores and an unnamed Los Angeles publicist.

The spin: these girls are liars, thieves and drug-users. The Palm Beach police are on a childish vendetta.

What Epstein's camp admits: Epstein did have young women over to his house to administer massages. There is no explanation for why he was paying untrained girls upwards of $200 for massages.

What they're denying: That Epstein had any knowledge the girls were underage or that Epstein had sex with any underage girls.


And what does "sex" mean, anyhow? In Epstein's circle, cigars and strap-ons don't count.

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