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The time: 3:00 p.m.
The date: July 23.
The place: 401 Bleecker Street.
Sighted: "Ralph Fiennes, coming out of Magnolia Bakery with a short blonde, promptly sharing an umbrella and walking to the park across the street. The blonde took a cupcake out of its box, fed it to Fiennes and then pecked him on the lips. Romance is in the air."

The time: 1:30 p.m.
The date: July 25.
The place: Central Park.
Sighted: "Ralph Fiennes having a picnic at Central Park. He was lying with his head in some blonde chick's lap."

The time: 11 a.m.
The date: August 4.
The place: 93 Greene Street.
Sighted: "Ralph Fiennes browsing in La Perla's lingerie. He was trying to be inconspicuous with a baseball cap and his head lowered most of the time."

Oh, how dreamy. The cupcakes in the rain, the romantic picnics, the expensive lingerie; it's like the "falling in love" montage from a British rom-com. You, short blonde chick, are one lucky lady. Except probably not.

A Google search reveals that in 1995, Fiennes left his then-wife, Alex Kingston (the British lady who was married to Goose on ER), for 61-year-old Francesca Annis, an actress he met when she played his mother in a production of Hamlet.

This past February, we learned he was cheating on Annis for two years with some Romanian singer named Cornelia Crisan.

According to the article however, this Cornelia is a brunette; plus, one can assume they broke up after she talked about their affair to the tabloids. So, who's the blonde chick? We have no idea. But she better not get too used to the cupcake and umbrella shit, as it's not gonna last.

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