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  • Om Malik hires Red Herring writer Liz Gannes (pictured) to write for his tech blog, GigaOM. The move means Liz will finally get a byline. [Weblogs Work, photo by Brian Oberkirch]
  • The makers of social news site Reddit give an interview, in which they reveal they own the domain [Juxtaviews]
  • The Weblogs, Inc. music blog thoroughly explains filesharing lawsuits (for anyone who needs a refresher). Takeaway: the RIAA is sketchy as hell. [Digital Music Weblog]
  • And in podcast news, the latest episode of This Week in Tech starts with Digg founder Kevin Rose explaining that he's not a multi-millionaire, not even a "thousand-aire," and that he can't afford a couch. [TWiT]