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With the only talented, productive member of the Spelling dynasty gone, it falls to the surviving Spelling women to proudly bear the torch, and honor their beloved in the best way they know how: by doing everything in their power to slander the other's good name while sabotaging planned, competing TV tributes.

A special tribute to the late TV producer Aaron Spelling to be hosted by daughter Tori will not air on ABC this fall as planned - after Spelling's widow and Tori's mother, Candy Spelling, blocked the project, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

Tori was to have served both as host and executive producer of the ABC tribute, according to the source, who said: "All of his (Aaron's) stars had signed on and some interviews had already been taped. ... But Candy wouldn't release the clips of his shows because Tori was involved in the project. She had it killed." [...]

Meanwhile, the source tells PEOPLE, Candy has agreed to provide clips to rival network NBC for a tribute to Aaron on its Aug. 27 Emmycast. The source confirms that she will attend the Emmy ceremony with son Randy Spelling but that Tori has yet to be invited as part of the family.

We must admit, we have watched this feud unfold until now with nothing more than mild, "rich people sure are batshit insane!" bemusement. But now that Candy has pulled the plug on the ABC tribute, we can't help but find ourselves developing a vested interest in the petty proceedings: An Emmy montage, after all, will only have time for a highlight reel, while Tori's planned tribute would surely have made room for some of the lesser known, but no less deserving, achievements from Spelling's prolific past—unsung classics such as B.A.D. Cats, The Making of a Male Model, and T.J. Hooker. It's troubling to think that Adrian Zmed should be denied an opportunity to say a proper farewell to the man who made him a star, merely because these two headstrong women stubbornly refuse to bury the hatchet.