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Yet more UK terror-mongering. Glaswegian chef Gordon Ramsay churns out popular TV shows (Hell's Kitchen excepted) with about the same frequency as his instantly popular restaurants. Yesterday's episode of his cooking show The F-Word featured a new plateau, even for Ramsay's confrontational style — the on-camera slaughter and butchering of two pigs he'd been fattening up throughout the series. This was always meant to be the pigs' destiny; Ramsay made a characteristically black joke by naming them Trinny and Susannah, after his hated enemies Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine, hosts of fashiony program What Not to Wear. Trading metaphorical reality-show carnage for actual carnage, Trinny and Susannah (the pigs) are

stunned by an electric shock to the brain, before being shackled by the hind legs and hoisted to the ceiling. Their throats are then unceremoniously slit. ... the dead pigs begin "gurgling" as blood pours out of their bodies, and kicking due to an apparent nervous reaction.

"Not pleasant," says a visibly repulsed Ramsay on emerging from the slaughterhouse. "I felt sick as a fucking dog in there." Sadly, doesn't look like BBC America will be running The F-Word anytime soon, since they're still packing the schedule with Benny Hill. Of course, if you happen to have a clip of the pig scenes, do let us know.

UPDATE: We're told that The F-Word will in fact come to BBC America starting October 21. Abbatoir fetishists take note.

Ramsay reduced to tears as pigs go under knife [Independent] [via Best Week Ever]
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