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We got all excited about Lea Thompson's promised blockbuster expose on online liquor sales for last night's NBC Nightly News, but somehow we missed the actual segment. This is what particularly intrigued us: "When we Googled online alcohol we were stunned to see a toy site come up, through which, with the click of a mouse, you could order liquor." With the mere click of a mouse, you say? Normally this would just be another case of Google handily replacing actual journalism — on a scare-story that went stale some time ago, natch — but we're damned if we can find this booze-selling "toy" site Thompson is talking about. Closest example we see when Googling "online alcohol" is "Dinky Drinks," which, while sporting a colorful kid-friendly design, is also cheerfully upfront about its liquorlicious wares. If you saw the report and know of the toy-drinks site in question, drop us a line. Because we, uh, need some toys. Of course, Googling "online sex" brings up a toy-related business as the first hit. Instant trend piece!

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