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The Observer runs a gentle profile of Melanie Martinez, the actress kicked off a PBS kids' show for once starring in a satirical PSA about anal sex. Afterward, she returned for another go:

They shot a second short, called Boys Can Wait, in February 2001. In it, an actress playing Ms. Martinez's mother gives her a purple dildo. She was paid an additional $500.

Money well spent! Though Martinez comes across as a genuinely pleasant person, there are a few disturbing revelations. First, over 50 women auditioned for her part in the "Technical Virgin" PSA. And far more damning than he anal sex jokes: She's married to the former lead singer of "rap and roll" bandlet Gorgon, whose main claim to fame is their illicit 1997 visit to Beijing. Gorgon "hit China with a body shot that it has yet to recover from." No background check to detect this sordid past of Communist rock outreach? What of the children?

Even Mister Rogers Had a Past [Observer]