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On July 28th, Salon agony aunt Cary Tennis printed a letter from a young teacher who'd recently had a relationship with a former student, but had decided to break it off. The instructor sought Cary's affirmation that she (we're guessing; it's confusing these days) did the right thing, which Cary gave.

Well, apparently that wasn't enough for the frazzled pupil-pounder. Today's "Dear Prudence" column, Slate's version of the advice gig, contains the exact same letter. (If you're concerned, Prudence also thought the teacher did the right thing by walking away.)

Now it's certainly possible that this person sent the letter to both parties. "Prudence" may very well be written in advance, so there's no way of knowing who had it first. One thing, however, is abundantly clear:

Nobody wants to sit through those fucking Salon ads.

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