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The Gays, if not the fundamental fabric of show business, are at the very least its highly ornamental stitching. So it should come as no surprise that Entourage, Hollywood's weekly, 30-minute glance at its own magnificent reflection, gets a great deal of mileage out of the constant, uncomfortable rubbing up of straight and gay cultures throughout the industry. Usually, that comes in one of two ways: 1) watching resident Gay eunuch Lloyd absorb yet another round of shells fired from Ari Gold's semi-automatic mouth, or 2) scenarios, such as last week's plot in which Johnny Drama showed way too much interest in his favorite masseur, which explore the comic possibilities that emerge when a rigidly hetero male is mistaken for/unwittingly acts like—mercy—a Gay. But's Personality Machine thinks we may not be giving the show's writers enough credit, and that the signs have been staring us in the face all along:

I think Drama might be too dumb to realize he's gay. There's no real argument about whether he's an idiot — a good guy deep down, sure, but among four bone-headed dudes, he's the crown prince of stupidity. [...]

He's totally obsessed with masculinity, but in ways that are just a bit off from all the other boys' macho displays...And unlike E, Turtle and Vince, he seems only accidentally interested in the endless parade of chicks they encounter. [...]

This is a guy who once encouraged his brother to take a gay role by pointing out that "if you play gay or retarded you get an Oscar," and then claiming, "I'd take in the ass for an Oscar."

They build a convincing case. Coming out to one's straight, male childhood friends can be an intimidating proposition, and qualifying statements, such as "I'd take it up the ass for an Oscar," can help soften the blow of future, more specific hints—cautiously introduced statements, such as "I'd take it up the ass for someone named Oscar," or, ultimately, "I'd take it up the ass. And do. Regularly. Hey, Turtle, hand me a slice of pepperoni, will ya?"