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  • AOL's Netscape team explains its process of preventing users from gaming the site. Meanwhile, AOL's Weblogs, Inc. team games Netscape competitor Digg. (One Weblogs, Inc. writer tells me that Weblogs, Inc.'s internal mailing list is clogged with requests for Digg/Netscape/Reddit/ votes.) All's fair in love and war, right? [Netscape and Diggforlife]
  • Palo Alto, the movie: in which four friends remember the hardships of growing up in the hundredth-highest per-capita-income city in America. [Pictured; Official site via Adam Hahn]
  • Best summary of a tech-based musical ever: "I think that Google: The Musical wasn't really about Google. It was more about the zombies that attacked the main characters." [Google Blogoscoped]
  • The country of Cameroon finds its true economic calling: making millions off exploiting the ".cm" domain name. [CNET]
  • For those who are keeping track, Ted Leonsis creeps ever closer to achieving his entire list of life goals (presumably updated since he posted it in January). Noticably absent is "not sound kind of like a prick by posting already-achieved life goals." [Ted's Take]