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Kristen Bell was rushed to a hospital today, but there will be no need for the Veronica Mars star's fans to hold small, candlelight vigils around the country: Their prayers have already been answered, as doctors have delivered the miracle diagnosis that she hasn't broken anything after accidentally slamming her car door on her hand.

Actress Kristen Bell was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday, Access Hollywood confirmed.

However, according to a spokesperson for the actress, she is now doing fine.

"Kristen smashed her hand in a car door and was afraid she'd broken a bone, but luckily didn't and is fine now," the spokesperson told Access.

As celebrity medical non-emergencies go, you'd be hard pressed to beat Access Hollywood's sensational headline, "Kristen Bell's Hospital Scare," though a recent Entertainment Tonight report by Maria Menounos, entitled "Alexis Bledel's Courageous Battle With A Non-Hodgkins Hangnail," used language that was arguably even more exploitative.