This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here. offers up a survey of CosmoGirl! with somewhat surprising results:

Over the past few years, CosmoGirl! has subtly but steadily included stories from and about lesbian, bisexual and questioning girls, as well as coverage of LGBT issues amid the more traditional teen magazine fare of quizzes and heartthrob interviews.

A quote from CosmoGirl! executive editor Ann Shoket sums the trend up nicely:

Gay girls are girls too. CosmoGirl! is for all girls. So we include them.

First of all, gay girls are not girls. They're better smelling guys. But more importantly, it's just not the same when Trauma-Rama (or whatever CosmoGirl! calls their rip-off of Trauma-Rama) is filled with stories about getting your period while wearing your new bikini in front of the hottest girl in school. Back to homonormative gender indoctrination that includes unhealthy body images and liking dudes even when they hit you, please.