Our comment policy is fairly simple: Comment privileges are only open to those who have been invited, either by us or by a friend. (And, of course, the lucky unwashed who sneak in during our infrequent amnesties.) Still, that doesn't stop the clueless hordes from filling our inbox with requests for admission, the majority of which go immediately to the trash folder.

Yesterday, however, a particular query caught our eye.

It came from the delightfully-named "Slut Machine" and asked, "Who do I have to blow to get a password to leave comments?" (For the record, it's Coen.) Our correspondent went on to inform us that, "I have a blog, where I write about blowing people."

Well, we checked the blog out, and it's exactly as promised. It's all about blowing people. Given the recent surge in blogger book deals, it's probably inevitable that someone's going to sign this sucker up, most likely Jeremie Ruby-Strauss. Here's what you can expect this Christmas:

This image was lost some time after publication.

We can't wait. And, yes, we passed along a comment invite.

One D at a Time