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PrivacyWatch celebrity sightings are submitted by our readers, and are now posted several times a week—so start sending them more often! Even if it's the fifth time you've spotted Jeremy Piven working the ladies' room line at Guy's, there will always be subtle variations on the theme. Send yours to tips[AT] (please put "sighting" or "PrivacyWatch" in the subject line) and let everyone know about the time you saw Bobby Brown hurl epithets in public at a woman who wasn't Whitney Houston.

In today's episode: Chris Rock and Anthony Kiedis; Jake Gyllenhaal; Bobby Brown; Billy Bob Thornton; Kevin Dillon; Jason Schwartzman; David Spade and Heather Locklear; Seal; Cary Elwes; Terry Bradshaw; Maya Rudolph; Andre 3000; Justin Long; Dita von Teese, Marilyn Manson, Bobby Trendy and Jenna Jameson; William Mapother and Melissa Joan Hart.

· Last night (8/9) at Giorgio Baldi saw Chris Rock and Anthony Kiedis having dinner with a couple of old white guys. The old white guys seemed more interested in talking to Rock and he humored them but Kiedis seemed ready to bolt.

· Sat 8-5 Barney's men's department. Jake Gyllenhaal inquiring about the contents of a sunglasses case, with a tall, hot brunette chick, shoulder length hair. He then thanked the salesperson and walked away without making a purchase. It was electrifying.

· 24 Hours: 8-9 -After taking the girlfriend miniature golfing in the 818, we decided to keep our little Valley excursion going with a little Casa Vega. While waiting for the valet to bring our car a Mercedes pulls up and parks smack in the middle of the alley instead of the parking lot. Bobby Brown exits the passenger side and yells, "woman you got to park in the lot!" Her response, "I don't give a fuck!" She wasn't Whitney Houston.

-Billy Bob Thornton at Whole Foods in Beverly Hills. Damn cool.

-After realizing there was no toilet paper in the house, and a guest in from out of town, a Miracle Mile Ralphs run was in order. While there, I came across Matt Dillon's brother (Kevin Dillon).

· 8/11 Last night at Century City, Jason Schwartzman politely waiting his turn in the long parking validation line that formed after the 39th Borat screening this week. I think Borat was the only movie that ended downstairs at 9:15ish so he was probably watching that. He's really short, but looked much cuter than he does on film. Wandered around for a bit by himself, then met up with a couple in the lobby, made a call and talked on his cell the rest of the time.

· At the Dan Band Saturday night 8-5 at the Avalon saw David Spade and some friends. They were sitting at a table near is and I couldn't help but hope Heather Locklear was with him. Turns out she was and boy was she in full effect. The twosome who appeared drunk on arrival did three tequila shots before the show started. Heather was bombed about 1/4 into the show. She kept taking Dave's trucker hat and putting it on her head then she would put her arms around his neck and fawn all over him. At one point she attempted to sing along but it was more like mouthing jibberish and flailing her arms in the air. I must say even for struggling to keep her eyes open and almost falling out of her chair she still looks good. They left about 3/4 through the show and Heather forgot her Chanel bag. Only Amanda Woodward can pull off sloppy drunk.

· Saw Seal at the Beverly Center.. that is one strong looking man!

· In the elevator of my non-descript office building on Wilshire Blvd., eastern Santa Monica. First Cary Elwes held the door for me (thanks, Westley! Very courtly), and then I stepped on his foot getting into the elevator! (whoops...sorry Westley!) He gets on the elevator with a very strange looking chiropractor in crocodile boots and chatted on the way up about his upcoming appointment (for a "massage" hmmmmm...) Here's where it gets even more weird! The chiropractor asks if his teenage daughter can come and watch Cary on the set of his movie. Cary demurs, saying that the last day of shooting is on the 24th, and it's going to be "heavy." I have to get out because it's my floor (damn!) and immediately get to my office and IMDB his current project. Guess what the project is? GEORGIA RULES with La Lohan, where Cary plays her child-molesting step father! Wonder if he would have any tales of her bad behavior on the set? If only my office was on the 9th floor...By the way, he looked kind of schlubby with floppy hair and glasses. Voice still rocks, though.

· Saw Terry Bradshaw on Tuesday night at Trilussa. I love the balding mullet.

· maya rudolph with baby and other family members (no PTA though) at brent's deli in northridge for lunch.

· Saw Andre 3000 on red eye flight from JFK to LAX last night. He was wearing a straw hat (very Outkast-like) in his first-class seat. He took a short nap when we first took off and was up the rest of the flight working on a laptop. He might be a workaholic.

· 8/7 Monday night Karaoke at Liquid Kitty, straight from his appearance on Leno, Justin Long of Waiting, Accepted, and most notoriously of course, those Mac commercials, at the bar with a small entourage. Kindly refrained from subjecting the patrons to any embarrassing renditions of Dont Stop Believing.

· BH Taschen store, 8.10.06.

I went to the book launch of Dita von Teese's new book. Saw her hubby, Marilyn Manson, in full makeup but looking quite OC skateboarder, chatting up the peeps. Dita was super cute and looking flawless. It was a pretty sedate affair until the true freakishness began. I saw Z-lister, Bobby Trendy, scurrying around and blathering away about nothing with some of the gays there. I then noticed a very petite blonde woman with huge bazongas being asked for her picture. She looked porn starish and then it was confirmed that it was the (alleged) newly single Jenna Jameson. She's pretty, not whorish looking, but you can tell she's a porn star. Seriously, she's a very small woman and she was wearing some tall heels, too.

· Saturday night, August 5, spotted Tom Cruise's cousin William Mapother (Ethan Rom from "Lost") with a woman I assume is his wife at Fat Fish in West Hollywood. I wanted to ask him if he had seen Suri yet, but Scientologists scare me.

· Dear Sir or Madam- I currently attend UCLA, and am taking a summer class in the evenings. Last Thursday, while sitting in the LuValle Commons outside, I noticed a rather plain looking blonde girl and a man sitting together and chatting. She looked vaguely familiar, and I rudely stared at her for several minutes, listening to her discuss plans for how to get her career going (again) and using her cell phone and PDA simultaneously to schedule upcoming meetings. After a few more minutes of rude gawking, I realized that I was staring at Melissa Joan Hart, of Clarissa Explains it All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch!! I know that she's not quite the big celebrity (no Keanu!), but it was definitely exciting for me and my friends, all of whom watched Clarissa explain it for many years. She looked very normal, with no make up and lots of freckles, sporting a huge diamond ring and some Target brand clothing. I went up and introduced myself, and she was very nice, if a bit annoyed.