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We're not done with Ms. Johansson just yet. Last week, she and supposed nonsecret lover-manbot Josh Hartnett were observed going over blueprints for a $6 million Tribeca loft the two had purchased together. Discussing the digs with Johansson's dad Karsten, the couple supposedly wanted extra soundproofing on the bedroom to better silence Johansson's dewy moans and Hartnett's perfunctory grunts during joyless bouts of celeb coitus. Hartnett's publicist denies the move-in plans, and one assumes the new arrangement would mean that Hartnett must give up his $2.4 million bachelor pad on Hudson Street. Regardless, they likely should take Karsten Johansson's advice with a grain of salt, given his history of tangling with the IRS over nuisance property liens.

Johansson & Hartnett Move in Together? [ via BlogNYC]