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If you were going to write a brilliant satire of a weekend Times article, what would you do? You'd probably start by flipping through some recent celebrity weeklies or maybe attend a Madonna concert. Then, to keep things serious enough for the Gray Lady, you'd do some Googling to see what Clinton's been up to. Finally, you'd cruise the blogosphere to see what's been the hot topic for mockery. Add some photojournalism and oversized art, put it on the front page of the section, and you've got the ultimate Sunday Styles parody. Like so:

That Madonna should suddenly be casting an ice-blue eye toward Africa should hardly be surprising. After all, she has always known how to spot a trend.

And much as it may strain the limits of good taste to say it, Africa — rife with disease, famine, poverty and civil war — is suddenly "hot."

Seriously, the Onion just keeps getting better.

Into Africa [NYT]