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People reports that Tom Cruise, having recently earned a certificate as a Level 5 Roadside Assistance Tech after weeks of intensive night school classes at the Celebrity Centre, put his newfound skillset to use this weekend by pulling over to check on the victims of a fender bender on the 101:

A rep for the couple confirms that Cruise, 44, and Holmes, 27, were on their way home from the airport after a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, for an exhibition soccer game (their friend David Beckham and his team, Real Madrid, beat Real Salt Lake 2-0), when they saw a couple on L.A.'s 101 Freeway who had apparently just been in a car accident.

The engaged pair and parents to 4-month-old daughter Suri checked to make sure the passengers, Jon Henningsen and his wife, were not seriously injured, then waited with them until the police and fire department arrived on the scene.

Knowing that crucial minutes could be lost before qualified back-up arrived, the quick-thinking Cruise instructed deformity-free, super-strong infant Suri to tear the victim's car in half and free the couple from the wreck, then performed emergency triage by locking them in his car, feeding them a course of restorative vitamins, and turning up the heat to assist them in sweating out any injuries suffered in the accident. Fiancée Katie Holmes did her part for the rescue effort by not attempting to kick her way free from the trunk of Cruise's car and flee the scene while her husband-to-be was distracted, a personal sacrifice that would later be rewarded with ten extra minutes of window-time when they arrived home at his compound.