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• After six years of awkward, head-scratching marriage, Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson finally seperate. That's what happens once the baby weight comes off. [TMZ]
• WTC Commemorative coins "clad in 24 KT gold and .999 Pure Silver recovered from Ground Zero!" The best part? The twin towers actually pop up from the coin — so if you're a terrorist, you can buy it to watch the towers go down over and over again. [National Collector's Mint]
• The most damning assessment of them all: "The buzz around Radar is totally unrelated to reality." [New York Business]
• The real tragedy of Christian Science Monitor reporter Jill Carroll's ordeal as a hostage in Iraq? That she's now running free with that hair. [CBS]
• Jaqueline Passey has "a *lot*" of options when it comes to dating. But because she's an arrogant twit, she'll remain single. [Jaqueline Passey]
• ABC's Dancing With the Stars hits a new low for its upcoming season: not content to merely feature the waltzing skills of Tucker Carlson, they've also cast Emmitt Smith and Jerry Springer as contestants. [B&C]
• Hipster girls don't respond well to the banker boys of Craigslist. [CL]
• Simon Dumenco has seen the future of the Today show, and it involves Jell-o wrestling. Hallelujah! [AdAge]