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We asked for more PrivacyWatch celebrity sightings, and you came through! Keep them coming to tips[AT] (please put "sighting" or "PrivacyWatch" in the subject line) and update us on the most recent fluctuations of Val Kilmer's magical, morphing belly.

In today's exciting, star-studded episode: David Spade; Rob Lowe; Angelina Jolie, Eddie Murphy and Bill Nighy; Will Ferrell; Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz, Kate Bosworth, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Brent Bolthouse, Tyra Banks and Lance Bass; Jake Gyllenhaal; Val Kilmer, Christina Ricci and Adam Goldberg; Kirsten Dunst; Jason Schwartzman and Mike White; Michael Clarke Duncan; Adam Brody; Tara Reid; Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott; Roy Firestone; Dennis Quaid and Greg Kinnear; Kevin Dillon; Dominic Monaghan and Danny Masterson; Nicole Richie, Joel and Benji Madden, Andy Milonakis, Michelle Trachtenberg and Nick Swarsdon; Evean Rachel Wood; Jena Malone; Andre 3000; Fran Drescher; Janice Dickinson; Regis Philbin; Shawn Pyfrom; Mario Cantone and Daniela Sea.

· At sports club/beverly hills, almost bumped into a middle-aged blonde woman walking ahead with a wide/lumpy looking rear (might have been the pants) .. was about to say, "Excuse me, ma'am" when "she" turned and it was David Spade.

· Rob Lowe looking clean cut, hot and petite at LAX then on a flight to Toronto. He was flipping through a celeb mag (which really made me wonder how meta it gets when he reads Celebrities: They're Just Like Us) and going on to his cute but non-threatening female assistant about someone, saying: "She'll be gone soon: She's a bitch, she's stupid..." I'm pretty sure he was talking about Paris Hilton. Just a hunch.

· Craving release from the Hell That Is Beverly Hills, I scored a fairly nice trifecta at the screenplay-adorned low-key Writers' Bar at L'Ermitage on Burton Way on Tuesday night (8/8).

· Most obvious in the main bar itself was "Pirates" squidface himself, Bill Nighy: incredibly lanky and tall; chic-scruffy, and impeccably nice to everyone. What a gent. He left fairly early, while the delectable Savior-ess of Africa herself, Angelina Jolie, continued to hold Machiavellian court in the secluded atrium opposite the patio waterfall, with her retinue of scary-looking agent/executive types. Unlike Nighy, she was shorter than I expected.

The night's icing on the cake was the arrival of a very buff-looking Eddie Murphy in a snappy suit, with a striking lady-of-color on his arm, adorned in a two-tone marmalade animal print spray-on dress. She seemed fairly well-built and muscled. — I've since been informed that Eddie Murphy is dating "Scary Spice" Mel B, and on reflection it might very well have been her I saw Murphy with at the Writers Bar last Tuesday. Which, is actually even more interesting, as the marmalade animal-print dress I reported seeing her in could almost be one of her old Spice Girls outfits...

· saw will ferrell saturday night at asia de cuba in the mondrian hotel. was with his (tall) wife. they sat outside and dined for over 2 hours. drives a blue prius and was very gracious to one fan who approached him...also seemed very shy. i wanted to ask him where his piano key necktie was.

· 8/11, Friday night between 9:30 and 11:30. Justin Timberlake show at House of Blues on Sunset. Waiting in "Industry Will Call Line" to be searched and wanded before getting our tickets and got great vantage point—along with paparazzi and assorted CAA suits and their assistants—to watch the arrival of Kate Bosworth (looking healthier) and her crew, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, and Brent Bolthouse and his much taller and hotter female companion. Inside the cramped show, I had Eliza Dushku brush right by me, leading with her left breast nudging my elbow, Lance Bass and Cameron Diaz in the best balcony rail spots, and Tyra Banks floating through the floor. Great show all in all. . .next to Beck, JT is the funkiest white boy around...

· 8/11 Saw Jake Gyllenhaal in a small food store. He was with a pretty-looking blonde lady (looked classy) and a tall brown haired man. He was standing in an aisle looking over some vegetables, talking with the two. I heard him say something about a dinner with friends. Then he chose some tomatoes (aren't they a fruit?), and paid by card before leaving with his friends. It was amazing.

· Saturday, Aug. 12 at around 7 p.m., my friend saw Val Kilmer, Christina Ricci, Adam Goldberg and another girl together at the Coral Beach Cantina in Malibu. She said Val wasn't as fat as recent pics have shown. He seemed nice and actually talked to her and her friends. Ricci just smiled a lot and Adam Goldberg looked disgruntled, but doesn't he always?

· Sunday, 8/13 @ 2:45pm. Joan's on 3rd. Just saw Kirsten Dunst waiting at the register for her take out order without anyone accompanying her. I had just finished dining with a Kristen, who was paying, and getting cupcakes and I asked Ms. Dunst if she was in line. She was quite normal and answered that she wasn't in line. Then her food came up and the cashier mistakenly called her Kristen! Not sure if it was the power of suggestion as my Kristen was asked her name by the cashier for paying purposes just seconds before. After that mix-up, the very small Ms . Dunst in skinny black jeans and oversized sunglasses headed to her car parked in the Joan's lot in the back. She then drove off in her black Prius and took a left on Crescent Heights off of 3rd towards Hollywood.

· Saturday, 8/13, 2PM, M Cafe de Chaya: Me and two writer girlfriends of mine were getting all macrobiotic on Melrose when we saw Coppola scion Jason Schwartzman. At first I thought he was sharing a table with Paul Bettany, but my friend correctly identified the hyperblond-with-freckles guy in his company as Mr. Mike White. I know it seems like it'd be hard to confuse the two, but I had a bad angle, okay? :) Mike seemed kind of depressed and out of it; Jason had on a really cute hipster T-shirt of jellyfish wearing headphones.

· Saw Mike White (writer of Freaks & Geeks, School of Rock) at the Century City mall with Jason Schwartzman. Saw him later coming out of the theater I was in; we saw Talladega Nights.

· I know that seeing a celeb in a nudie bar isn't news, but I did see a certain Oscar Nominated actor (that's in the current number one movie) at 4 Play on consecutive nights. Consecutive nights! It appears that Michael Clarke Duncan took a liking to a certain entertainer on Friday and returned Saturday night for more lap dances (disappearing to the back room at one point for 5 songs...). Now I'm no celebrity (nor am I a giant, muscular black man that's easily recognizable), but if I had the number one movie in America for the second week in a row, I doubt that I'd have to go to a Gentleman's Club to find attention from the ladies...which I guess explains why I was there two nights in a row.

· Sunday evening, 6ish, saw Adam Brody and a male friend walking down Vista Street in Hollywood (apparently) on their way back from Runyon Canyon. Seth Cohen was walking his wee little dog, outfitted in sunglasses, shorts, and that fabulous Ashkenafro.

· Today I had lunch in Culver city. On my way back to the 818, I saw a blonde driving a black mustang convertible with the top down. My friend and I looked again, I think it was Tara Reid. If it was in fact her, why mustang? Has her star fallen so much that she can't do beemer or mercedes? Anyway, chanel/or gucci sunglasses and military hat. Looked bloated, but not weaving on the road. So I assume she was sober. Yay.

· I just saw Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott at Trader Joe's on Ventura and Laurel. They were with a little boy, I guess his son? And were buying all kinds of munchies. She was very tan and wearing a turquoise blue loose dress, pregnant?? But not one swear word came out of her mouth!

· because you asked for more sightings you get: ex-ESPN boob Roy Firestone (for non-sports types, he made Rod Tidwell cry in Jerry Maguire) sitting in surprisingly average seats at the Dodger game friday night (8/12). looked like he had one of those bald-spot hair transplants.

also, Dennis Quaid and Greg Kinnear with a big group at Dan Tana's for a late dinner Sat night (8/13). looked like a good time.

· Kevin "Johnny Drama" Dillon, in the parking lot of the Sav-On-turned-CVS near Pico and Crescent Heights. He was in the driver's seat of an idling turquoisish Ford Escape (what exactly does HBO pay?) talking to a woman who was standing out on the asphalt. I walked by with my baby's prescription, said "What's up, Drama?!?" and he didn't correct me. He politely returned the salutation. He looks thinner than his character.

· just when you think you live in a normal town...left my sunset strip office today to have lunch with my boyfriend. saw Dominic Monaghan of Lost and LOTR fame tooling around in little silver car on Franklin on my way to the 101 Cafe, where Danny Masterson, sporting an irony crustache, glared at my boyfriend from a window booth. when i got back to the office, i was momentarily kept from entering my building because the "L-word" was shooting at the adjacent newsstand. good thing i had a tuna sandwich for lunch, because i was able to sweet talk the Large Marge-esque PA into letting me walk through background so i could get back to my office.

· Danny Masterson at the Arclight on Sunday evening, August 13 ... he was walking into the theatre with an older man who may have been his father?

· Sunday at Guy's was pretty lame- I don't know why but it was just boring & no good sightings- I can only deal with looking at Danny Masterson & his stupid mustache once or twice a month.

Guy's Tuesday night..nothing great..but Nicole Richie was eating! I couldn't tell what but it looked like it was a side of something white and creamy in a styrofoam to go box. I didn't think she looked as skeletal as expected- she's thin but petite.. so it works??

Joel & Benjii Madden- Michelle Trachtenberg was chatting them up for awhile.

Andy Milonakis wearing a GOD AWFUL looking hawaiian type shirt... like something a Dad would buy at Walmart for casual Fridays at Capitol One. He was talking w/ Nick Swardson for awhile.

· Aug 10th 10:40 pm, Evan Rachel Wood talking up a storm with her mother (?) in baggage claim area of LAX. No makeup...perfect flawless skin. Smiling and laughing...lovely.

· Ninety percent sure I saw Jena Malone pulling out of the parking lot of the Whole Foods on the corner of Fairfax and Third at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, August 11. She was driving a cute yellow Mini, and looked absolutely fabulous. Really gorgeous. Her skin has cleared up, and her hair's grown out. She drove by pretty quickly, but I hope it was actually her, because yay for self-improvement.

· Saw Andre 3000 at lunch today (Friday 8/11) at NEWSROOM CAFE (across the street from saprophytic IVY). Homeboy sat by himself, enjoying two appetizers: tandoori something (fish?), and chicken quesadilla. Looks smaller/thinner in person. (Must be that healthy food.) Very low-key, very polite to the one person who came up to him.

· Fran Drescher at The Ivy by the Shore in Santa Monica for lunch on Friday 8/11. Looked great for pushing 50. I wasn't sure it was her until I heard her speak - then it was undeniable! She was with a small entourage of teenage or twentysomethings and a chocolate pomeranian in a tote. Twentysomethings snapped pictures of her with her dog before they left.

· So besides the Busey debauch, I was at the Sunset Marquis bar the other day and low-and-fubar behold, Janice Dickinson walks-ish (actually she was more like carried) in with two extremely unsavory looking characters. She was so fucked up it was disturbing: falling, hair in face, swaying, couldn't talk. She was with this guy, who seemed like the drug dealer that gave her whatever she was on, then wanted to go out with her to show her off, and this girl wearing a poncho, who I tagged as the nervous druggy along for the ride. Everyone noticed and started staring and whispering. They sat there for about 10 minutes, then I think they could feel the gawking, because they tried to eleganty exit in a rush... which wasn't elegant because Janice was falling all over herself. She's fuckin stoked there were no cameras around because that picture would have ment some money, and whatever rep she has left.

· I'll just be out with it: Regis Philbin was at the Beverly Hill Herm s store at 1pm PST shopping with a woman (wife?) and looking old. He looks like an old guy who golfs a lot — thinning grey hair, saggy face, nice but roomy dressy-casual clothes (creamy-orange polo, khakis). He was also a little paler and pinker than on tv. And he's really short, but that's obvious.

· Walking down Cahuenga Boulevard I noticed a homeless kid who looked extremely familiar. As he got got closer, I noticed that it was Shawn "Andrew" Pyfrom from Desperate Housewives. Turns out they were filming DH in the alleys and Shawn's homeless look is what we have to look forward to. He looked great, very personable (said hello to me as I walked by), tight little body and new shaved head that makes him look a lot older and hotter.

· Waiting in the motor court of the 4 Seasons, who should walk by but Mario Cantone, the super bitchy queen from Sex and the City. He was walking fast into the hotel in a very New Yorky way. He wasn't as short as I thought he'd be, but I was sitting down.

· Tuesday night, at that sushi joint on Franklin across from the Scientology Celebrity Center (Centre?): the girl who plays the one who's getting the sex change on The L Word. IMDb tells me her name is Daniela Sea, and she's really very pretty — and also androgynous — in person. Too bad I already cancelled Showtime for having kind of lame original programming.