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· It's nice to see that Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards could settle their divorce issues amicably, before any nastiness about drugs, gambling, and jailbait porn could disrupt their incredibly peaceful family life.
· Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson must be really serious about the end of their marriage—their rep isn't even bothering to lie about it.
· From the "actresses are crazy" file: Showrunners love nothing more than to pick up their morning paper and read about how a cast member thinks they know nothing about the character they created and are bent on removing all acting "choices" with some malicious editing.
· We imagine that Scary Hollywood Lawyers like Marty Singer are at their most terrifying when they're chasing after celebrity clients to pay their legal fees.
· We have no idea what ability our favorite local Chinese restaurant has to wage war, but some misguided hackers sure seem pissed off about it. [Note: The restaurant in question is Chi Dynasty in Los Feliz, but we removed the link to their website after a couple of readers said the site might be harboring a virus. We use Firefox, so we didn't see it.]