You've harassed yourself with the annoying, semi-customizable phone calls, purchased the absurdly expensive jewelry, and are now at a loss about the next step to take in your Snakes on a Plane fandom. Luckily, the marketing department at New Line will leave no promotional opportunity unexploited, and have teamed up with Dell to give you the exciting opportunity to spend $2,000 for a television upon which you may eventually watch director David R. Ellis' DVD featurette admission that nearly all of the film's dialogue was transcribed verbatim from the comment sections of SoaP-obsessed blogs. We're a little disappointed that the studio and the computer manufacturer didn't break new ground in the now-customary realm of product placement, as a climax in which Samuel L. Jackson decides that the only way to get the motherfucking snakes off his motherfucking plane is to detonate a Dell laptop battery and incinerate every last one of the reptilian stowaways seems like a logical extension of the campaign.