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Earlier, it was revealed with much excitement that former Us Weekly staffer Alyssa Shelasky would be breathing life back into the Sex and the City genre with her blog for Glamour's website. Called "See Alyssa Date," the blog would detail Shelasky's love life and allow readers to help her decide how to handle her romantic endeavors (so basically, if you vote in a poll that Shelasky should give it up on the first date with Mr. Big — or, in her first post, Mr. Big Talker — she will).

So what can we expect from this brave new project? According the December 1, 2003 edition of the Observer, before she met Us Weekly, Shelasky was a sucker for a guy who's a "good egg:"

Countdown to Bliss
By Anna Jane Grossman

Gregory Mendelson and Alyssa Shelasky
Met: July 14, 1999
Engaged: Aug. 30, 2003
Projected Wedding Date: Oct. 10, 2004

Alyssa Shelasky, a part-time public-relations manager at ABC Carpet and Home, is marrying Greg Mendelson, a green-eyed investment-banking analyst at CIBC World Markets who also has a talent for spin. "People are always telling us that we're the most amazing couple and they wish they had what we have," he said. "I think I'm pretty charismatic and sociable, and she's exactly the same way."

"We're two good eggs," said Ms. Shelasky, a svelte Columbia grad who also writes freelance "lifestyle" articles for places like the New York Post and is planning a laid-back ceremony at Loft Eleven. "It's a major deal that I found 'the one,' and that's the great part to me," she said. "The hors d'oeuvres and flowers are only going to be around for four hours of my life."

Both 26, they met during her birthday party at the Potion Lounge on the Upper West Side . At the time, she was dating a pretty rotten egg. "A fancy-schmancy lawyer — this total prick, New York City prep-school kid. I was kind of wooed by that stuff," she said. "But then I saw Greg, and his eyes were so pretty, and he was so handsome and so tan!"

Mr. Mendelson had been invited by Ms. Shelasky's little sister, whom he knew at SUNY Binghamton. He liked Big Sis' rosebud lips, big, doll-like brown eyes and outgoing personality. "Before we were together, I didn't ever have serious girlfriends," he said. "I was indecisive about everything and very picky about what I wanted a girlfriend to be. But I never had to think about all that with Alyssa, because it was just all there."

The next week, they enjoyed a Guster concert at the now-defunct hippie-music spot Wetlands. On Date No. 2, she brought him to the bar Vermouth and introduced him to the pleasures of a good martini ( hic!). "We were young," she said. "I thought it was so cute. I was like, 'Your first martini? There goes all your credibility in the banking world!' I told him that in four or five years, he'd be having them every night. But you know what? He's really not like that." Just wait till you're married, kiddo ...

Earlier this year, they moved into a Flatiron one-bedroom rental filled with a melange of trash finds and ABC Carpet items at deep discount.

Mr. Mendelson proposed on Nantucket while on a trip with the family. "He just started saying the nicest, sweetest things, and I went to hug him, and suddenly I realized his heart was beating really, really hard," Ms. Shelasky said.

The ring, a platinum band with three round diamonds totaling over two carats, came from her pals at ABC's estate-jewelry department. And that will be the third and final time we suckers plug that store.

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