If we were the more cynical sort, we might find ourselves wondering if a Comedy Central publicist locked Andy Dick in a janitorial closet with a handful of eightballs and a rolling yellow bucket filled with Grey Goose, refused to let him out until he'd consumed the entirety of his rampage cocktail, then whispered in his ear that the NY Post reporter wandering by just told her that she'd always dreamed of having the star of Less than Perfect give her a good, spontaneous fondling followed up by a solo watersports display. But as Occam's Celebrity Asshole Razor holds, the simplest explanation for a famous person's egregious public behavior is usually the best one, so Dick's biting and groping can probably be written off to the booze and drugs making him hungry and horny rather than ascribed to more complex PR machinations shaping his behavior.

Anyway, we know you wouldn't sleep tonight without seeing some video of Dick licking Carrie Fisher and Lt. Uhura during the actual Shatner roast, so enjoy the video clips (hmmm, wonder how these got online so quickly!) found above and after the jump.