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Say hello to the contestants for this week's Valleywag hotties tourney, Web Two Point Ooh, nominated by their peers, then hand-picked for a face-off of the sexiest boys and girls of Web 2.0. Above, the male half, which we'll be voting on tonight. From left to right, they are:

Top row: Flock's Will Pate, WordPress's Matt Mullenweg, RapLeaf's Auren Hoffman, Rubyred Labs' Jonathan Grubb

Bottom row: GigaOM's Om Malik, TechCrunch's Michael Arrington, SmugMug's Chris MacAskill, Second Life's Philip Rosedale

To follow the contest and vote for these fine gentlemen and eight lovely ladies, watch posts tagged "web2ooh" throughout the week. Click through for photo credits and tourney brackets.

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Photos by Kris Krug, Matt Mullenweg, Auren Hoffman, Scott Beale, Scott Beale, Scott Beale, Toni MacAskill, and Esther Dyson