Welcome to Round 1 of the Web 2.0 faceoff. Our first contestants are the darling boys of the dot-com set. Young lads of 24 and 22 respectively, Will Pate and Matt Mullenweg will now battle for your affection.

Web 2.Ooh: Will Pate vs. Matt Mullenweg

Will Pate herds the community at Flock, the official browser of the dynamic-menu-and-pastel-color set. This Flockstar is seen in San Francisco as often as his home base of Vancouver.


Web 2.Ooh: Will Pate vs. Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg gave Blogger and Six Apart a run for their money with his blogging platform, WordPress. The former CNET employee moved from Houston to run his organization (and later his company, Automattic) from San Fran.


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