Tonight's penultimate poll puts two tech bloggers in the ring. Who will win when Om Malik and Michael Arrington duke it out?

Web 2.Ooh round 3: Om Malik vs. Michael Arrington

After a reign as king of the Valley's Desi community, Om Malik is on a new throne as lord of GigaOM, the tech blog already turning into a network. (More on that in the morning.) He's big, he's rollin', he's a rock star of New Media fresh off a tour of duty at Business 2.0. Lemme hear ya say OMMMMMM!


Web 2.Ooh round 3: Om Malik vs. Michael Arrington

Michael Arrington ("The Boomfather") guards the gateway to Silicon Valley in his Atherton ranch, home base of his blog TechCrunch and all its beautiful babies. His M.O. is personally meeting startuppers and getting a demo on the living room couch (or the kitchen, or the bathroom, we really don't know). This Friday, the Don holds yet another party, with yet another bursting-at-the-seams guest list. Pay homage, vassal, to the Booooooomfather!


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