If you read the Drudge Report yesterday, you saw this link to the (UK) Sun's coverage of "party-loving" Prince Harry enjoying the company of a young woman while, as the Sun has it "saucily groping her BOOB with one hand." (The gropee is described as a "pretty blond"; the News Corp exhange program really is a thing of beauty.) The Sun went on to explain that "The fun-loving shots were taken in a trendy London nightclub."

All true, of course, in the literal sense. In the sense of, you know, the actual story, however, it turns out the photos were taken three years ago, as the Sun admitted in an apology today. The Guardian notes that this is the second spot of trouble for Rupert Murdoch this week, as "the royal editor of the Sun's sister paper, the News of the World, was arrested by police on suspicion of hacking into the mobile phone messages of royal officials at Clarence House."

Tapping phones? Misrepresenting photos? Good lord, the worst News Corp employees do here is drive drunk and rip off the Times. We've never been more ashamed to be Americans.

Sun forced to apologise over candid photographs of princes [Guardian]

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