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As mentioned yesterday, the only big-name MySpacer you can trust is Seventeen editor Atoosa Rubenstein. Her profile is authentic, the real deal from the coolest girl at the lunch table. Atoosa also has a MySpace blog, and we'd like to apologize for not paying more attention to her collected works. Failing to spread the magic of the 'Toos is an inexcusable disservice to insecure, self-loathing adolescents everywhere. From her latest entry:

I now emotionalize foods. When I'm upset or stressed about something, I can eat like a bottomless pit. I remember one night eating 9 bowls of Lucky Charms. (I'm not kidding) And p.s. I could have kept eating.

That's the problem with emotional eating — since you're not eating to satisfy hunger, there's no limit to what you can consume and no matter how much you eat, you still have that hungry feeling. So I end up feeling sick and gaining weight — it's a bad cycle. It's not healthy and just adds to whatever is stressing me out in the first place. If you look at pictures of me through the years (see below), the times when I am heaviest is when I'm making big changes in my life. Like, I was separated from Ari for a while a few years ago (I gained a lot of weight then). Also, when I first left CG! for 17.

God, we totally understand. When Teen People folded, we snorted 10 lines of bacon. Anyhow, there's more on the site — and do go check out her "fat" and "thin" pictures. Illustration is key.

[Disappointingly, Atoosa doesn't go on to detail how she lost the weight via the Tuleh-inspired starvation diet. Maybe in her next entry. Oh, how we hope!]

My Relationship With Food [Atoosa17 on MySpace]